(Note: This article was not finished and posted when intended. I’m publishing it now, a year later, as is — I don’t want it languishing in my drafts folder forever. - December 2014)

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2013 last Saturday the 19th was a blast! I had never attended a professional conference prior to this, which I now regret.

I was expecting a much drier experience, stuffy lectures that boiled down to voice-overs of tutorials I could’ve googled for. Instead, I found myself being taught by peers, smart people of all walks of tech life. Plenty were far more knowledgeable than me, but I was able to keep up with a fair share of them.

In general, all the talks I attended were great. I especially enjoyed Todd Ross Nienkerk’s “Consultancy Scrum” talk, where he explained how his company had adapted Scrum to their business model. Great content, great delivery, and just all-around interesting. He uploaded the slides for anyone to see:

A group picture of most attendees at Drupalcamp Atlanta 2013, hosted at the Cobb Galeria in Atlanta, GA, taken on one of the main stairways there.

The convention organized a group photo at the end; I’m in the lower-left area.


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